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s t o r y

I have been building and making my whole life. Growing up I took my bewilderment about the world to my Father’s tool cupboard or a woodland trail; put my hands on it, turned it over in the stream, and tried to build something out of my confusion. That need is still there: I still create in order to apprehend. I still appreciate tools, high-tech or primitive. I still delight in wood and woodlands.

Formally a design engineer, with a decade of experience in the sport of Formula One, ingenuity and detail have always been present in my work. I also call myself a carpenter and a craftsman, though in practice something in between and often across disciplines.
I resonate too with the life of engineer Walter Faber in the novel Homo Faber (Latin for "Man the Maker”). His rapport with machines and logic used solely for “the erection of a world of things” - as Hannah Arendt put it. Later in Walter’s journey a series of synchronistic events break his severe rationality to reveal a wider arc of life. What we make of mortality, impermanence, responsibility, and our cares and concerns for the world.

In other words, why we make matters.

So that means, in my work, I try to discern and uphold qualities I long to see more of. And it means practical people, like me, can help shape a better future.

r e c e n t  p r o j e c t s

Design & Build
cabinet making
timber fabrication

Combining natural materials with modern and traditional techniques I take on a range of design/build projects, alone or collaboratively.

Out of the Valley
building cabins and other spaces

I have spent long periods living in cabins. Places built small but with more invested in each inch. Working here in the studio-workshop during 2016 and 2017, we experimented with those ideas.

Photo credit: Out of the Valley

Transition Homes CLT is a citizen-orientated developer, where housing is done-by, not done-to the community. Our vision is the empowerment of local people and communities to create the homes they need, in the places they need them.

Our main focus is currently the delivery of the Clay Park site; a £5 million pound, 27 timber frame eco-home, project on the edge of Totnes. Much of the housing will be affordable rental and shared ownership for local people.

Image credit: Barry Jobson Architects

Tom Winfield BEng MSc
Dartington, South Devon

t: 07786 061005